Références pour les Bratz 2008 Bratz references

Les collections de l'année / Yearly collections

Liste des collections Bratz des années 2008 / Bratz collections list 2008
COLLECTIONS Cloe Jade Sasha Yasmin Meygan Dana Fianna Phoebe Katia Autres I Autres II Autres
Sweet Heart (5ème édition) CloeBratz sweet heart 5 Cloe SashaBratz sweet heart 5 Sasha YasminBratz sweet heart 5 Yasmin
Winter Girlz (2ème édition) CloeBratz winter girlz 2 Cloe SashaBratz winter girlz 2 Sasha YasminBratz winter girlz 2 Yasmin
Magic Fashion Nails CloeBratz magic fashion nails Cloe SashaBratz magic fashion nails Sasha YasminBratz magic fashion nails Yasmin
Magic Fashion Nails Station CloeBratz nails station Cloe
Be-Bratz BlondeBratz be-bratz 1 BruneBratz be-bratz 2 NoireBratz be-bratz 3
Hair Style CloeBratz hair style Cloe SashaBratz hair style Sasha YasminBratz hair style Yasmin
Hair Style 3-in-1 Salon Space! MeyganBratz hair style Meygan
Stylin' (2ème édition) CloeBratz stylin 2 Cloe JadeBratz stylin 2 Jade YasminBratz stylin 2 Yasmin
Stylin' (3ème édition) CloeBratz stylin 3 Cloe JadePas d'image - No picture yet YasminBratz stylin 3 Yasmin
Neon Pop Divaz CloeBratz neon pop divaz Cloe JadeBratz neon pop divaz Jade SashaBratz neon pop divaz Sasha YasminBratz neon pop divaz Yasmin
Fashion Designer CloeBratz fashion designer Cloe SashaBratz fashion designer Sasha YasminBratz fashion designer Yasmin
Sweet Dreamz (2ème édition) CloeBratz sweet dreamz 2 Cloe SashaBratz sweet dreamz 2 Sasha YasminBratz sweet dreamz 2 Yasmin
Spotlight Collection CloeBratz spotlight collection Cloe YasminBratz spotlight collection Yasmin
Sunkissed CloeBratz Sunkissed Cloe YasminBratz Sunkissed Yasmin
Play Sportz (8ème édition) CloeBratz play sportz 8 Cloe SashaBratz play sportz 8 Sasha YasminBratz play sportz 8 Yasmin KatiaBratz play sportz 8 Katia
The Fashion Show
Sleep Wear Collection
CloeBratz sleep wear Cloe YasminBratz sleep wear Yasmin
The Fashion Show
Evening Wear Collection
CloeBratz evening wear Cloe YasminBratz evening wear Yasmin
The Fashion Show
Swim Wear Collection
CloeBratz swim wear Cloe YasminBratz swim wear Yasmin
Costume Party (3ème édition) CloeBratz costume party 3 Cloe YasminBratz costume party 3 Yasmin MeyganBratz costume party 3 Meygan
Nighty-Nite (2ème édition) CloeBratz nighty nite 2 Cloe JadeBratz nighty nite 2 Jade SashaBratz nighty nite 2 Sasha YasminBratz nighty nite 2 Yasmin Cloe 2Bratz nighty nite 2 Cloe 2 Jade 2Bratz nighty nite 2 Jade 2 Sasha 2Bratz nighty nite 2 Sasha 2 Yasmin 2Bratz nighty nite 2 Yasmin 2
Date Night 2-pack CloeBratz date night Cloe
Play Sportz X-treme Sportz CloeBratz xtreme sportz Cloe JadeBratz xtreme sportz Jade SashaBratz xtreme sportz Sasha YasminBratz xtreme sportz Yasmin LeahBratz xtreme sportz Leah
Play Sportz X-treme Sportz 2-pack
Racecar Driving
DanaBratz racecar Dana
Designed by CloeBratz designed by Cloe JadeBratz designed by Jade SashaBratz designed by Sasha YasminBratz designed by Yasmin
Designed Fashion runway MeyganBratz designed by Meygan
Designed by Road Show PhoebeBratz designed by phoebe
Wintertime CloeBratz wintertime 3 Cloe SashaBratz wintertime 3 Sasha YasminBratz wintertime 3 Yasmin
Wintertime triiiplets AdrienneBratz adrienne 2 BrigitteBratz brigitte 2 JanelleBratz janelle 2
Wintertime Lodge MeyganBratz wintertime 3 Meygan
Celebritiez CloeBratz celebritiez Cloe YasminBratz celebritiez Yasmin
Wild Wild West (3ème édition) CloeBratz wild wild west 3 Cloe YasminBratz wild wild west 3 Yasmin MeyganBratz wild wild west 3 Meygan FiannaBratz wild wild west 3 Fianna
Wild Wild West Combopack CloeBratz wild wild west Combopack Cloe YasminBratz wild wild west Combopack Yasmin
Bratz AubreyBratz Aubrey KinaBratz Kina DestinyBratz Destiny
Passion 4 Fashion Carrying Case YasminBratz p4f Yasmin case
Passion 4 Fashion Horse KatiaBratz Horse Katia
Bratz World House
(2 versions pour Cloe)
Cloe 1Bratz world house Cloe 1 YasminBratz world house Yasmin Cloe 2Bratz world house Cloe 2
Bratz World House (set de deux Bratz) Cloe Bratz world house set YasminBratz world house set
Bratz World Familiez
Cloe + her sister
CloeBratz familiez sister Cloe SonyaBratz familiez sister Sonya
Bratz World Familiez
Cloe + her mom
CloeBratz familiez mom Cloe PolitaBratz familiez mom Polita
Bratz World Familiez
Yasmin + her mom
YasminBratz familiez mom Yasmin PortiaBratz familiez mom Portia
Bratz World
CloeBratz room Cloe YasminBratz room Yasmin
Bratz World cruiser Cloe Bratz world cruiser
Girlz Really Rock! CloeBratz Really Girlz Rock Cloe JadeBratz Really Girlz Rock Jade SashaBratz Really Girlz Rock Sasha YasminBratz Really Girlz Rock Yasmin
Girlz Really Rock! set de 3 Bratz Cloe 1Bratz Really Girlz Rock set Jade 1Bratz Really Girlz Rock set Yasmin 1Bratz Really Girlz Rock set Cloe 2Bratz Really Girlz Rock set Jade 2Bratz Really Girlz Rock set Yasmin 2Bratz Really Girlz Rock set
Girlz Really Rock! Motorbike YasminBratz Rock motorbike Yasmin
Girlz Really Rock! Party Plane DanaBratz Rock plane Dana SharidanBratz Rock plane Sharidan
Girlz Really Rock! Corvette MeyganBratz Rock corvette Meygan
Girlz Really Rock! Tour Bus DanaBratz bus Dana
Girlz Really Rock! Limousine FiannaBratz Rock limousine fianna
Girlz Really Rock! Concert Stage PhoebeBratz Really Girlz Rock phoebe
Twiins (4ème édition) PeytonBratz twiins Peyton NevaehBratz twiins Nevaeh
Passion 4 Fashion (5ème édition) CloeBratz Passion 4 Fashion 5 Cloe YasminBratz Passion 4 Fashion 5 Yasmin
Jeanne Beker JeanneBratz Jeanne Beker
Jetset Playset KatiaBratz jetset katia
Triiiplets (3ème édition) DanaBratz triiiplets Dana MaribelBratz triiiplets Maribel TianaBratz triiiplets Tiana
Passion 4 Fashion twiin pack 1 CloeBratz twiin pack Cloe MeyganBratz twiin pack Meygan
Play Sportz Tennis (9ème édition) CloeBratz sportz tennis Cloe PhoebeBratz sportz tennis Phoebe
Passion 4 Fashion twiin pack 2 YasminBratz twiin pack Yasmin FiannaBratz twiin pack Fianna
Magic Hair Color CloeBratz magic hair color Cloe FiannaBratz magic hair color Fianna LeahBratz magic hair color Leah
Magic Hair Color Salon FiannaBratz magic hair color salon Fianna
Football (2ème version) CloeBratz Football 2 Cloe YasminBratz Football 2 Yasmin
Bratz Collector Series (porcelain) DaphneBratz Daphne AnyssaBratz Anyssa
Holiday (4ème édition) CloeBratz holiday 4 Cloe YasminBratz holiday 4 Yasmin MeyganBratz holiday 4 Meygan

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